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Zeus tumi aka

Zeus – Dats Wassup ft Tumi & AKA

August 25, 2012
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This track took me a bit by surprise. Zeus managed to get two of the hottest rappers in the game to feature on his new single ‘Dats Wasup’. Tumi and AKA teams up with Zeus on this one, but it’s AKA that comes off as the overall winner with his verse.



  1. Zeus managed not to look like a complete chump here. but damn AKA reminded us why we love him, especially after that Jealousy mess. Oh n Tumi… He surprised me, was much fresh widdit

  2. #My Opinion Aka had the best verse !!

  3. Think Tumi’s the veteran .. the other two are still studying their MBA in flow.

  4. Regardless this joint is dope, Zues been putting in mad work, Tumi is just Tumi non more to say and Aka is the man of the moment…#datswassup

  5. I am definitely jumping on this freestyle challenge..

  6. MAAAAAN Tumi and A.K.A?! I wish they’d done that joint verse type thing (e.g Em n Royce Da 59 – Fast Lane type thing) They coulda killed this accapella even though the beat was on roids… Zeus -_-… I still wonder how he won that Channel O Hip Hop thing. Sweet track all round.

  7. AKA was dope–no suprises. Tumi was chilled! Zeus killed it too!

  8. tumi killed it….in my opinion…AKA coulda done a lil bit better regarding to his flow…but he’s stiilll hot thoug…zues..urhmmmm..he’s good too.

    dope collabo..no doubt