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Young and Lazy : SA Menswear Week SS 16/17 (Recap)

July 20, 2016


Much like 2BOP, Young and Lazy, SA streetwear’s prodigal son, stripped away the hype in order to show that they, along with the rest of the family, have what it take to dominate on all frontiers when it comes to making clothes.

An eclectic collection, equal parts wild and wearable, showcased Anees’ talent once again, as the brand presented their latest offering and in so doing expressed a love for  lesser celebrated South African style icons. Bootleg track pants and branded shorts mix matched with deliberately inauthentic ‘African’ prints and soon to drop long sleeve tees, together with on point styling made for moment that felt like the culmination of all of the hard work we have seen Anees put into his vision over the last while.

16B_SAMW_SDR_3164_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3178_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3196_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3220_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3244_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3268_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3293_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3322_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3343_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3365_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3395_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048 16B_SAMW_SDR_3410_SDR_YNL_w387_h580_2048x2048   (source:http://cornerstorecapetown.myshopify.com/)

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