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You Don’t Know Priddy Ugly Yet

May 18, 2016


Question that beckons humans is, do you ever know a person? With people taking up amphibian characteristics due to circumstances and environment, one has to acknowledge that people will show you who they are depending on who you are, what you are to them and sometimes, what they want you to know.

The Queen MaBrrr said it best, “Umuntu angeke um-confirme”

Richardo Moloi aka Priddy Ugly is that guy that wants you to know them. Admittedly, he is a name that many don’t know yet but the dude is not sleeping on that. He is making it a mission that you get to know him.

I first heard of Priddy Ugly in 2010, the name caught me by surprise as it is an oxymoron in shape as it as a somber way of describing self. Priddy Ugly was featured on Amu’s double disc “The Principal” alongside Selwyn.

Since then I’ve seen glimpses of Priddy Ugly’s music but nothing really caught my attention until X-Tatic’s song “Hit ‘Em Up” with AKA and Priddy Ugly. Priddy Ugly’s voice is unique and stands out, even though he only just lends the chorus to the song.

As time went by, I caught wind of the song “Swag Demonstration”. I honestly didn’t pay much attention to it because then, the word swag was uttered even the guy at the street corner. Much to my dismay, it was one of the songs that exhibit Priddy Ugly’s rhyming style. I only later found this out when I started taking a deep interest in Priddy’s music.

This is now circa 2014 – 2015, I hear the name Priddy Ugly again and memory serves me well and I remember where I know the name from. There was a campaign by KFC and Priddy Ugly was part of it alongside 2LeeStark, Ginger Trill and Lebolukewarm. My ears are piqued again.

Richardo Moloi aka Priddy Ugly is that guy that wants you to know them. Admittedly, he is a name that many don’t know yet but the dude is not sleeping on that. He is making it a mission that you get to know him.

At the time SA hip hop had latched on to the trend of sampling Kwaito songs, some horribly so, so you can understand my vow to avoid a song called “Bula Boot”.  There is the ratchet overlord and few, if any, can put that spirit of hatchery in a song and execute it well.

My vow was broken one night from the club when a friend played it in the car at 2am and the first thing that smacked me dead in the face was the bass. It was hard, menacing and scorching my  inebriated body, I swear I scrounged my face in the most ugliest expression ever of how filthy hot the beat was. I don’t know much about 808s and snares but that beat captivated me. We probably repeated the song over 5 times on our way home. I was told, this is Priddy Ugly’s “Bula Boot”.

I then went on a search for the song as drunk listenings don’t always sound quality when sober. I got on Wichi 1080’s, the producer, Soundcloud. Same reaction. I damn near fell off my chair. “Bull Boot” is a banger!


Priddy Ugly

As per usual, once I get captivated by an artist or a song, I research them. Lo and behold, the visuals of “Cocaine Ghost”. The quality is amazing and crisp. This time, I listen to Priddy Ugly much more carefully.

“Extra Extra, wat se, fede Niks Niks(nothing)..

Next ta, Next ta, anybody I’m the best dressed..

Stressless, Swag’s Effortless to Express..

Fresh Fresh, Stunt Nikka, Flex Flex..”

Priddy’s rhyme scheme is focused on enunciation in the song and it sets perfectly on the Wichi beat. It creates an unbreakable flow. It is almost hypnotising.


priddy 2

Priddy went silent for a while after the release of “Bula Boot” which captured many’s attention. This was a result of contractual issues he encountered with a brand I choose not to mention in here as protection for Priddy Ugly and the brand itself. The streets wanted a follow up to “Bula Boot”. People were screaming in his ear on when is new music coming.

Two singles, “My Swing” and “Hunnids” come out. The Wichi touch is evident, the bass is hard to ignore. The lyrics are easy on the ear, these are definitely club joints. As loosies, they are just hot joint. As part of the album, You Don’t Know Me Yet Deluxe, they are integral pieces of the puzzle that is Priddy Ugly.

Having seen Priddy Ugly turn up and with his history of being a dancer, its no wonder why the songs and flows sound like that. They get you to move BUT Priddy is still captivating in what he says on how he sticks to the beat, almost like an instruction video or a hypnosis chant.

The album “You Don’t Know Me Yet” was released as standard via Soundcloud  then the deluxe made it to iTunes. The deluxe edition has minor yet highly noticeable changes like “Pray part 2” which features “HOLY SHIT!” verse from The Young King aka A Reece and “Mr Improve with every 16” Shane Eagle whilst in the standard version “Pray features a scoring verse from Ginger Trill. The song “Nobody” now features the talented Refi Sings alongside Big Star Johnson. As with deluxe editions, there are new songs as well.

“You Don’t Know Me Yet Deluxe” opens with a scathing honest similarly titled song with Refi Sings crooning about being overlooked and Priddy Ugly details how his life hasn’t been anything pretty. Such vulnerability in a song is a marvel to experience. The album is filled with talents that are honestly, overlooked. Many of the features are artists people don’t fully know yet and how they all fit in Priddy’s story makes it much more enthralling to hear all of them show their talents and let you know what they are about. Another sad but yet oh so beautiful, is “Thula Mama” with HHP. The song details the sad and tears inducing stories of the struggles women face daily. It. Is. So. Real!

“You…Don’t…Know…Me…Yet, No…You don’t know, I been slept on; call me a pillow / I fought demons trine be a hero / been through the rain, been through the fire / i been low but I bounce back higher”



The feel of the album is Priddy Ugly doesn’t regard himself as a struggling artist, he struggled as a person as everyone else but not musically, every song sounds carefully orchestrated and Priddy is comfortable in the direction of the song and its sonic. He is a multi faceted artist and the album shows it. Upbeat songs like “Tlala”, Priddy Ugly matches the intensity of this turn up monster and still declare that he is still hungry for success, fame and fortune. Priddy Ugly knows how to conduct himself behind the mic and alongside Wichi, they are a chamber and a bullet. BANG!!!

As aforementioned, “My Swing” and “Hunnids” are club joints but don’t make the mistake and think Priddy can’t do a 1(0)80 and bringing out a bar fest joint. “Pray” with Shane Eagle and A Reece is a direct buck in the face of naysayers saying, “New school killed hip hop”. The three dudes rapped they asses off. Shane opens it so aggressive when he says,

“Priddy is just playing, we ain’t praying for you niggas /  fuck around and pull a chopper out in the booth load it up and let it rain on you niggas”

Youngster graces “Come To My Kasi’ in a East Rand Meets West(ern) Cape where they exchange bars about each other’s homeground. I have no words on how hot this song is. The flows, the beat, the verses… DISGUSTINGLY HOT!

The songs are well packaged, from content to beats. Wichi manages to get the album to flow seamlessly without sounding monotonous. Priddy Ugly gives you a piece of himself in every track. The party starter, the ambitious rapper, the charmer boy casanova, the talented rapper and all this is exhibited with multi flows and some gorgeous rhyme schemes. Priddy is different from a lot of rappers and thats a plus for him. Outside of being known as a pretty boy, Priddy Ugly shows he can get ugly and grimy on a record.

I want to know Priddy Ugly, do you?

Get Priddy Ugly – You Don’t Know Me Yet Deluxe on iTunes here


Written by SDOT (@SDotJR_)

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