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You Can’t Mess With My Click

August 31, 2016



Google is a wonderful place. Sometimes you find yourself googling weird things like, “Why don’t SA rappers have own websites?” and the first result is, “Why most rappers never make it” [No seriously, Google it and see it for yourself]

Interesting that result is the first thought that appears when considering that; a website is a great, pivotal and fast becoming an undeniable necessary tool to have especially now, where there are more smartphones than calculators in the world.

For a while, we relied on radio and traditional media outlet to find out the whereabouts of releases and shows. Music videos as well fell, rather still fall, predominantly in this spectrum. We waited to be told by trusted sources such as newspapers, weekly TV shows and the odd interview in a lifestyle show about the music we are yearning to consume.

Admittedly, these areas contain a large number of listenership, readership and viewership but the question that beckons is, are these people you want to be buyers of your product?

I don’t see a Mam’Ngcobo bumping “Le Mpitse” at her next society meeting while dabbing with a tray of scones. These are the hardcore radio listeners. The devout that chill in front of the heater with slippers and comment on soapies. With reliance on the traditional media outlets, you are talking to these people.

Your crowd, especially hip hop, is predominantly on the move. They the ones who complain the most about data prices, they the ones who are writing blogs, they the ones who posting selfies with YOU on Instagram, they constantly locked on their phones that they have been dubbed the lost generation and in danger of dying from hitting a pole because they were texting “LOL”.


That is your market.


A digital footprint is inclusive but not limited to social media. We live in an era of ease at a touch of a button (click), facilitate that for your fans and curious about crowd alike.

A centralised body of work makes the running and maintenance of your brand neat, visible and organized. Your website can hold everything you want it to hold, all info about you will be a scroll away. Links embedded in your website give you a clear indication of how your work is doing. You have total control of your work, other blogs only get the embed code.

This limits the often issue of music getting distributed illegally and you lose a clear indication of the reach you’ve attained. Don’t tell me about datafilehost, please.


A digital footprint is eternal, that’s why they say the internet doesn’t forget. Also the internet can’t find what doesn’t exist. Put your digital footprint down.


Your website is your headquarters. Ensure that it shows any and every update to every division. Hence, before building your website, collate all your digital divisions. This includes own YouTube channel, own Soundcloud page, own iTunes / Apple Music & Google Play. This makes a user ‘s stay longer and more easier to navigate your website instead of jumping around the Internet with 352748 tabs.

A digital footprint is eternal, that’s why they say the internet doesn’t forget. Also the internet can’t find what doesn’t exist. Put your digital footprint down.

It is growing imperative that as an artist, you need own space where you control, maintain and distribute your product. A website is that tool. An easy to peruse not a cluster is appealing. Unique visits may be referrals, frequent visitors may be fans. Invest in that.

In fact, start off small with a free wordpress blog. An upgrade to premium (A MUST HAVE), is less than $10 a month. If you looking to have someone else design it for you, multiple entities like Green Robot offer the service.

We live in a digital age. You don’t print cassettes unless you doing it for a few nostalgic stuck in the 80s crowd who abandon any self respect of quality sound in place for when Destiny’s Child were not even fetus. You have to keep up with the times as much as you make your brand an entity that is appealing and most importantly, about having a legacy.


Written by: S DOT ( @SDotJR_ )



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