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In My Own Words: I’ve been robbed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off2510 Views

I’ve never been much of a reader but I’ve been a listener. I’ve always loved stories being told to me as a youngster by my


Poetry: Different colours, cultures and creed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off879 Views

From different colours, cultures and creed she has carried beautiful souls in her bosom, I remember her values and they always follow me, I remember


Poetry: My definition of REAL a man

Aug 26, 2012Comments off2789 Views

A man will look for a woman who’s worthy of the “wife” title, the same way I feel a woman should look for a man


Poetry: Today

Aug 26, 2012Comments off847 Views

As my feet caress the fluorescent green grass after Today. Today, that vernal day The harmonising love birds chirping away The calming of the fountain


How Hip-Hop Changed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1408 Views

“With rappers rapping over “Dance” beats, can we still call this hip-hop?” Over the years, Hip Hop did the inevitable and underwent a transformation. I’m


My Queen.. My A

Aug 26, 2012Comments off748 Views

You are the height I found through the grace of the most High You are the love that riots my heart but here I am


Poetry: World with no hope

Aug 26, 2012Comments off739 Views

I live in a world with no hope. With each day I wake for the future, I become distant with the past. I chose to


Poetry: It’s never enough

Aug 26, 2012Comments off815 Views

When it all hurts so much that you clinch your teeth to hold back the tears, As if biting harder will stop them from falling,