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Word Up


Poetry: The Calm Before The Storm

Jun 11, 2013Comments off778 Views

Fresh battle scars anoint his face on a mid-summer’s morning. The sun’s rays kiss him with warmth and love like a mother would her troubled

not just a song

It’s Not Just a Song

Jun 06, 2013Comments off1405 Views

As hard as it may be to say this, I believe it to be true; black music has sunken to a gravely low in terms


Poetry: It Hasn’t Been A Smooth Sail

May 29, 2013Comments off1414 Views

It hasn’t been a smooth sail, The star to every wandering bark, covered by clouds. The lighthouse, nowhere to be found. It hasn’t been a


Poetry: iLust

May 28, 2013Comments off941 Views

The feeling of fulfillment eludes me yet this bottomless plate never leaves my table, I indulge in the delicacy that is her bosom Her quarters

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Poetry: Our Kind Of Love

Mar 19, 2013Comments off939 Views

Something about this love that’s a bit funny, Like how I don’t call you even though I want to Or how I pretend I don’t

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Poetry: I Dream

Mar 19, 2013Comments off801 Views

I dream of a better tomorrow Where the pain of yesterday is not forgotten But it hurts no more I dream of a better understanding

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Poetry: I Sometimes

Mar 08, 2013Comments off722 Views

I sometimes force myself into putting pen to paper. I sometimes force myself force myself into drawing pictures that I feel only you can relate

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Poetry: Untitled

Mar 08, 2013Comments off710 Views

Tears stream down my face each night I cry till my chest hurts an excruciating pain I believe if I cry till it hurts Then


Poetry: Unloved, cold heart

Mar 05, 2013Comments off745 Views

Unloved, cold heart No fire to warm this heart No hope All alone, with four walls Giving all due attention Staring Staring at nothing Something

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Poetry: I Am Perfection

Mar 05, 2013Comments off908 Views

I’ve heard many assumptions of my reluctance to take head position as a weakness beyond dimensions, JUST because my thoughts don’t result in manifestations of