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Word Up

progressive heaux

Rant: The Progressive Heaux

Feb 01, 2014Comments off1800 Views

I recently read a book that stated that it was okay for women to date more than one man at a time because it’s unnecessary

social media

Rant: The Fear Of Networking Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

Feb 01, 2014Comments off1131 Views

I so often find young people asking what the purpose of using social media as a networking tool is? Well, I don’t know about you,

word up feat

Opinion: It’s Not Always Black And White

Nov 25, 2013Comments off3002 Views

Black people are stingy with their culture. Hey garz. I know my roast is already old news, but I feel that I owe this explanation

fashion feat

Poetry: My Fair Lady

Nov 04, 2013Comments off1037 Views

My Fair Lady You know her far too well, Beautiful, with a smirk for a smile, And eyes that burn through your soul as a


Poetry: Wanders of Your Mind

Nov 04, 2013Comments off969 Views

There’s something so fascinating about the way your mind works, You’ve mastered the art of getting me hooked on everything spoken & texted, Like a

seoulbeats feat

Rant: I Don’t Wanna Pull The Race Card, But…

Aug 21, 2013Comments off3050 Views

I don’t wanna pull the race card, I really don’t but I must. I must because I can’t think of any other reason why. I’ve


Poetry: You… And Me

Jul 28, 2013Comments off1041 Views

You I like ya My mind’s polluted with thoughts of wife’ing ya And when I wake up everyday your voice must be the first I


Standards Of Entertainment: Local Vs. International

Jul 23, 2013Comments off1808 Views

Each person has preferences, we gauge our entertainment by to our personal criteria but do we bend such criteria for local products, in comparison to

team work

Social Media: A Place For Vultures Amidst A Hierarchy Of Strangers

Jul 16, 2013Comments off2092 Views

What a funny world we live in. A world filled with strangers and so called online persona’s. A place where we are believed to have


Poetry: Doors Shut

Jul 04, 2013Comments off884 Views

Door shuts, Back hit the wall with a force, Slides down till ass reaches the floor, Castles in the air tumble down, Tears race down