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Word Up


The Pitbull In Heels – Farah Fortune

Aug 18, 2015No Comments3207 Views

  The entertainment industry is a very fierce one. One has to be seen and be seen in a favorable light, and have a team

AKA feat

The Villain of The Rap Game

May 28, 2015Comments off1914 Views

  “First time in my life I got nothing to prove / First time in my life I got something to lose”   Kiernan “AKA”


OPINION: You Mad, Bruh!

Jul 10, 2014Comments off11479 Views

When I die and the pearly gates close on my unkempt bearded face for squatting a poop on heaven’s lawns and I’m relegated to the

iTunes 13

HOW TO: Get an iTunes Account

Mar 17, 2014Comments off15008 Views

As we slowly and smoothly move into the digital space with everyone bumping their favourite local track on their smartphone, the digital retails avail themselves.


Opinion: The ‘Classic’ Album May NOT Be The Artist’s Best Work, Sonically

Mar 11, 2014Comments off3319 Views

Note: This is an opinion piece. If you wish to debate, let’s set a date face to face. “Stillmatic is better than Illmatic!” – a

open letter

Rant: Open Letters – Stop Bitching And Work

Feb 11, 2014Comments off1857 Views

Oh my soul! Can we not RSVP to your pity party? Can we not be drawn into the cry in a bucket marathon? Can we,

stay don't settle

Stay, Don’t Settle

Feb 06, 2014Comments off1753 Views

Be kind to your heart and those around you who care for it. Many have said, “Just because you love each other, it does not


Rant: When Creative Theft Happens To You

Feb 06, 2014Comments off1557 Views

Creative theft is real.  Isn’t it annoying how people will just take your work and post it as their own without giving you credit for

friends with benefits

Friends With Benefits – The Man Vs Woman Debate

Feb 01, 2014Comments off3817 Views

Relationships are sought after by many and rejected by a lot more. It is common for both genders to be open to this dimension that

mean girls

Rant: Women – Each Other’s Worst Enemy

Feb 01, 2014Comments off2076 Views

Females of my generation, you have lost the plot. They blessed us with this amazing tool called the internet, and we took it and fucked