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What Girls Do Because of Boys: GALXBOY by Vuittots

October 4, 2012
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22 year old student and designer Thatiso “Vuittots” Dube has been causing ripples in the South African youth fashion and streetwear industry with his label GALXBOY, pronounced “Galaxy Boy” or “Gal ex Boy”. Vuittots’ name is a testament to how passionate he is about fashion, as it is smart play on words which blends the popular global fashion label “Louis Vuitton” and the word “tots” from the ancient South African Hottentots tribe.



  1. Reading about such individuals makes me hope one day(sooner rather than later) when I ask people what from the clothing they are wearing is from South Africa they will be a positive response.

  2. I really LOVE this brand already just by the few pictures and the article itself. I hope this brand goes nationwide!
    Ninjas doing Big things!

  3. For some reason this reminds me of BOY LONDON…but anyway, :) they must keep up the good work.

  4. I love thee brand and so proud that its from my hood and I wear it with dignity :/ :/

  5. Can I plzzzz plzzz hav ur bbm pin …I must say .. IM INLOVE …. I need a pair of GALXBOY leggings …. PLEASE!

    • BBM: 2575CB35

  6. BBM: 2575CB35

  7. Pls help me owt I dunno where I can find these clothes in my hood nd I rellli wana get me sum of that gud gud ;-)

  8. I also need the clothes. Where can I find them at pretoria here’s my bbm pin 2B22D9E