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vanilla ice

Wack Rapper Names

February 7, 2013
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Over the years these names have made us laugh, and cry, at the same damn time. If rappers were to be taken seriously based on their names alone surely this lot wouldn’t make the cut! You decide for yourself. In no specific order….



  1. Tsek! French Montana, Charlie Tuna, Silk tha Shocker, Uncle Murda even Casey Veggies and Vannila Ice are dope names. A rapper name is supposed to encompass the vast machismo and exaggerated sense of awesomesness that his personality pumps through his raps. Veggies is a reference to weed, dimwit. Eat him? Shows how much you know about this shit. SMH! Actually even Shorty Shitstain aint a wack name considering he comes from the same crew as O.D.B Ol Dirty Bastard. Milkbone too except it’s clearly referring to his white penis therefore I reserve further comment. And how the fuck come L-Tido aint on this list. Corny shitz! You can have Kai Shine, don’t know him. HHP is a pretty dumb name too, honestly.

  2. what about waka flocka how you miss that bullshit?

  3. Very interesting article. Just goes to show you, what’s in a name! Lol! Keep up the great work!

  4. Lmao Fuck u left Wacka Flocka & 2chainz in da list…..