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The Villain of The Rap Game

May 28, 2015
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“First time in my life I got nothing to prove / First time in my life I got something to lose”


Kiernan “AKA” Forbes uttered these words. If anything, that counts for ingenuity in self awareness. You mirror yourself and see where you come from, where you supposed to go and what you stand to lose en route.

AKA is not my favourite rapper. Not even top 5. What he has maintained to do, is be at the forefront of one thing I love and do my darnest to support whole heartedly. SA hip hop. AKA is like that stripper that comes and give you a lap dance while you holding hands with your wife. Instead of stopping it, you sit back and enjoy. The wife might call you a bastard but she’ll be rather fixated on you. Whether plotting to kill you when you get home OR she gonna fuck you til you impotent just to rid of you of the memory of the butt cheeks that were on your groin.

As vivid as that, AKA is doing that. He is the unexpected, volatile sometimes distracting force that either force you to do better or lambast him. Not a game changer but rather variety. Getting jaws dropping at every turn either in disgust, surprise or absolutely stunned. You know how boring it will be if we all called Kim Kardashian a hoe? We won’t see what Kanye West is blessed with. We won’t see how she managed to create a major brand of herself despite people pointing out her short comings with short career short Ray J. Yeah hate her while you PVR “The Kardashians”.

Now tantrums to AKA are what potholes are to Joburg roads, you will come across it or hear about AND most importantly, you’ll know about them. He appears randomly and causes a stir. Take note, when he tweets, all side chicks and lobola topics take a break. “AKA is an ass” / “AKA thinks he is all that” / “AKA ain’t shit” …comedy. Y’all ain’t peeping the blueprint.


Let me break it down to you…


For a long time, Twitter has been a self praising, congregate dick riders, manual-auto retweets of compliments pig sty. That bullshit tiring, it floods timelines and you miss their datafilehost link because you need to surf through their almighty praise filled timelines. THEN they have the audacity to shout we don’t support them.


I’m derailing, back to AKA.


His twitter persona is shit! There I said it. If he is not crying, he is saying fuck you to people that support him THEN asks them to support him again THEN breaks his promise of following them, nywe nywe cry me a fucken river. But here’s one thing many miss: THATS THE PLAN!

Fuck your “He is taking it too far with bad publicity is still publicity”. He seeks attention and you are giving it to him. Note I said attention not publicity. AKA is not an idiot, he is working tirelessly at his music and brand. He is getting playlisted in international stations. He has BET Best International Act Award nomination. He considers himself a game changer and loves being hated on. He is far from a game changer but with all the attention he is getting, he is becoming most talked about celebrity, chief emotion stirrer and he gets the hate he pursues.

The day he tweeted, “BANANAZ is thee most horrible song in SA history” I almost knighted the boy. Truth is, HE IS RIGHT! Satan tortures people with that song.

What he showed, is what we’ve always known, there’s too much facade in SA hip hop. Too much celebration of mediocrity. In the sake of, “We are patriotic”. AKA said fuck that. Him coming out and saying it’s a horrendous song, he KNOWS he’ll get hate. He KNOWS people will be in their feels and talks about him. Mission accomplished.

AKA is the new villain in SA hip hop via Twitter. A title no one has. He is a bad boy. He is an asshole. Everyone trying to be Dark Knight, he is becoming Bane. Deny if you want, villains get love as well, sometimes more than the hero. Why? They do things solely for their personal benefit and don’t look to be liked. They are subliminally praised for making a hero dig deep and save the day. The hero can’t exist without a villain.

If his new found villain traits is not irritating people, it’s getting sympathy from people on some, “He was such a good boy. What happened?”. Now that builds an army of sympathetic people who will defend him (I’m not one of them). AKA going against the current currency of fake buddy buddy in SA hip hop, entices people to go against any slander against him. Warranted or not. He is creating stans for himself. 50 cent has been the villain in the game for long, the reckless talker, quick with rebuttals but look at his success.

Remember Rihanna after the Chris Brown incident? From cute Pon De Replay to Rated R. Artists transform because of circumstances, AKA created that on Twitter.

Call him arrogant, you fueling him because you giving him what he wants. Attention. When his album was number 1 (which was a clever trick considering, he released it at midnight so if 10 people buy it, he is number 1 at that point) no one had anything to say. When his album got bootlegged publicly, rappers were tweeting with tissues in their hands saying bootlegging affects the industry. The very same people who don’t like him, were on his side!!!

Whether you like it or not, AKA on his convent steez, ZERO fucks given. He playing on the fickle yet volatile aspect of Twitter, fake outrage and he is getting what he wants. Insult him, call him names, he logs off and gets ready for his 7pm airport shuttle, money waiting on the other side.

He is creating a lane for himself. He literally has no competition in that aspect as everyone feels the need to exchange niceties for gigs than being honest. Whether its an act or a culmination, Kiernan is somewhat of a genius for taking the opportunity of exploiting the industry for personal gain.

With regards to the iFani saga, I don’t believe AKA meant harm nor would he risk a defamatory lawsuit from Redds. What he said was, “It’s great that Redds got iFani album to go gold”

Let me repeat that, “IT’S GREAT THAT REDDS GOT IFANI’S ALBUM TO GO GOLD” … REDDS responded with a tweet saying they didn’t buy 20 000 iFani albums. AKA didn’t mention a number. I’ll let you let that simmer in…

“Thin line between genius and diva” – Kiernan “AKA” Forbes


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