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The Gatsby Complex: Perception vs. Reality

November 7, 2012
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“Nick you always see the worst in people!”

“Yeah, because people are the worst!” – New Girl

This shouldn’t be funny. It could be, but it’s not meant to be. This is an epiphany I had in high school and over the years I’ve grown to see how it underpins most of our interactions with one another. This will be a fundamental critique of the human condition, and all of this came from what I believe is one the most important pieces of literature ever written: The Great Gatsby.



  1. Absolutely loved this piece! Thought provoking! Thank you Lebo!

  2. And that is what marketers sell to you… Perception.

    Brilliant piece.

  3. Great srticle, thanks, hopefully people will actually be changed by this

  4. Well written piece. Is it simply human nature to believe in perception?