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The Drake Appeal

August 26, 2012
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My not-so-secret love affair with Aubrey Graham started in the land of mixtapes back in ‘06 when he dropped “Room for Improvement”.  I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was the Southern Smoke Special Edition and his first offering to whomever would listen; just a kid outta Canada trying to make his mark in the rap world. His rhymes were smooth; his delivery even smoother. This tape was turnt up though. There was no singing, just an exhibition of slick punchlines. Looking back, that was his hook.



  1. Omg his name is Aubrey Graham?? I’m so over him now. I love this article, well written!

  2. Well written article. I personally enjoy his music and can relate to most of the things he says and that’s the core reason I love listening to his music. Not forgetting his beat selection is on another level, always unique yet fun to listen to.
    Keep the flame lit.

  3. Well written article Myrna. I cosign this article.