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The Battle Of The City To Coincide With TribeOne Dinokeng Festival

August 19, 2014
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An exciting new addition has been added to the widely popular TribeOne Initiations competition run by The TribeOne Dinokeng Festival. To be held in the historical City of Tshwane the weekend of August 26-28, 2014, a sister competition – THE BATTLE OF THE CITY – will take place in partnership with the City of Tshwane Youth Development Unit.

This will give Tshwane based musicians a better chance to perform at the highly anticipated festival to be hosted in their hometown.

The way it will work:

TribeOne will host 3 sessions per day. 1: Bands; 2: Singers/Rappers and 3: DJ’s. Each of which will have a specific time slot allocated for registrations and Performances as indicated on the schedule below. This will apply to all venues until the road show is complete.

There has been 1 venue in each of the 7 districts of Tshwane selected to host the Battle of the City competition running from this weekend Sat 16th August for the next 4 consecutive weeks. Each entrant will have a 10 minute performance time. This acquate’s to 2 songs for bands and 1 sets per DJ. Artists need only perform once at their nearest venue.

Registrations and new applicants must perform at the venue which they applied at. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to apply can still do so on the day at their closest venue but must do so during the relevant registration time slots according to their type of performance (Band, Singer/Rapper or DJ) as indicated in the attached schedule.

Judging will be held by a panel of 4-6 industry experts and the judges’ decision is final. Fans are encouraged to join the festivities as their support counts towards the judges’ votes.

1 winner will be chosen from each of the 7 districts; they will then be put through to the top 25 of the overall 2 competitions.

The Top 5 contestants will receive a song recording and music video, worldwide digital distribution deal, publishing deal and marketing as part of their prize including music expert mentorship at the Rockstar Academy. The submitted recording will be made available on the TribeOne Initiations album on iTunes and all other TribeOne official distribution platforms.

Transport and accommodation to perform at TribeOne Dinokeng Festival will also be provided.

The Top 20 contestants will be provided with a worldwide digital deal, publishing deal and marketing.

The submitted recording will be made available on the TribeOne Initiations album on iTunes and all other TribeOne official distribution platforms.

Food and drinks will be provided at all venues for guests attending, at their own cost

Subscribe to the official TribeOne sites below and keep up to date with the over 300 artists to be announced and more to follow.




For full artists and festival details, log onto: www.tribeonefestival.com


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