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The Ambitiouz Coupe D’etat

February 1, 2017



If you go down history lane, you’ll find stand out names, revolutionary acts, game changing lyrics, power moves & steps that seemed nonsensical at the time but bore fruits we drink the juice from today.


Think ’08 Shady Records. Decimating careers & labels but still run rampant on the charts with the same boots they trample the street with.


Think Death Row Records. Injecting fear to anyone who would dare look at them filthy whilst keeping their coast proud and patriotically to the point that hip hop suffered a devastating loss of two talents.


Coming back to our backyard, think Cashtime Life. A brainchild of one of the successful groups in SA, the label uprooted the local scene with a style that revived old school cars and made the hood a place to be.


Ambitiouz Entertainment will be in history scrolls as the squad that ransacked the game. Superseding unprecedented standards and leaving people in awe and disbelief at every turn. From gold selling albums to international features to scooping so many awards, one would say the engravers have a stamp with an Ambitiouz Entertainment artist’s name pre-made for awards.


A relatively young label, just under 5 years old, has seen them catapult to conversations that swing from are they hip hop, do they share a singular DNA in sound and even the more recently controversial, are their offices littered with brown envelopes?


All these are questions that have been posed for a label that has seen their roster not scrutinized but them winning whatever is on offer, being questioned & scrutinized.


Ambitiouz Entertainment will be in history scrolls as the squad that ransacked the game.


The Ambitiouz machine is relentless. It’s a formula that breeds success for them and I don’t see them modifying it because where the rumours of brown envelopes originate, is where they are running rampant with their marketing campaign. Social media.


As once stated, social media has become integral in artists’ careers but what Ambitiouz have done, it has made it a double edged sword. Do numbers lie? Are numbers a judging factor? Taking nothing away from the team’s work, they are bloodhounds to a wounded animal in their approach to marketing their artists. A day doesn’t go by without an Ambitiouz Entertainment tweet flying on to your TL.


You can mute, you can block but in your avoidance of what you regard an annoyance, the powers that be and decide on who gets an accolade, are seeing the numbers. They are seeing the traction. It’s undeniable in the very least and in their faces at the very worst.


So, paid or not, how do you disprove the notion that thousands and thousands of people LOVE this body of work? How do you deny that a lot of people are jamming to this one song? Even if you think it sounds like every other song distributed by the label, how do you ignore the scores that are showing love to it?


Maybe people love monotony, maybe people actually love the song. Maybe the music is niche to the thousands tweeting about it, maybe it’s a quick cash for the promo team.


Looking outside that, the team also encompasses a radio tour. Meaning their artists are at radio station selling their music to the tastemakers of this country. And they don’t go for the big radios only, no. They hit community stations with same vigour as the nationwide stations that are not limited to analog but are features in DSTV audio bouquet & for the ones with data, streaming radio stations.


Ambitiouz Entertainment is to be commended on their non shifting way in shifting the game to their favour. Resources behind it are not a factor when you look at how they achieved the success that seems to have a lot of steam in it for the long haul. The camp has earmarked a sound that people who are frequent money spenders enjoy. No one is at the bar looking for bars. Ambitiouz exploited that.


Trap is a worldwide phenom. It’s a force that’s making kids make concoctions of cough mixture & soft drinks. This, is the ingredient of a good time for many. It’s the soundtrack of club hoppers alike. It’s vital for epic night outs and movies on the sardines like packed dance floors in the country. Ambitiouz Entertainment is the plug.


Not only do people gravitate to them for the sound, there’s a hint of patriotism in it. We can lose our marbles to “March Madness” but when a 19 year old, a peer to many says, “I juh woke up in Zimbali!”; many are bound to celebrate the success of a peer who can now afford to take impromptu trips to islands. So, how doesn’t that make the next wanna be successful artist not to love the song, be inspired by it & possibly, re-enact it?


Ambitiouz Entertainment is a formidable force if you look at the climate of SA hip hop. Instead of re-enacting their moves, be inspired on how YOU can carve a move that is unique to you and your niche. If anything, applaud Ambitiouz for forcefully making artists become unique. Become themselves.

The Rebel Writer: SDot (@SDotJR_)







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