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Sprite Talib1 feat

Talib Kweli shuts down Cape Town with Uncontainable Performance

September 2, 2012
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This past Friday night saw Talib Kweli perform in South Africa. The show was part of the Sprite Uncontainable Talent Search finale which took place the following day in Johannesburg, with Sprite and Talib giving Cape Town Hip-Hop fans a taste of what the finale would be like by shutting down Trinity Night club with an Uncontainable performance.



  1. “This past Friday night saw Talib Kweli perform in South Africa for the very first time”. I saw him perform in Cape Town 11 years ago.

  2. My bad. I could have sworn I heard him say it’s his first time in the country on Friday.

    • Yeah, he has been here before. He was here for the Black August tour a few years ago with the like of Dead Prez, I think. There might be a video of him rapping on the streets of SOWETO on youtube