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Proverb 2

Nostalgia: The Book of Proverbs – 9 Y...

Mar 03, 2014Comments off3101 Views

The year was 2005. I was second year in tertiary and every morning was the same for me. Wake up a bit before 5am and


CHEKA Digital Rating

Album Review: Zubz – Dragon Lion_Full...

Feb 19, 2014Comments off3807 Views

Zubz has one of the most impressive discographies in SA hip hop, or even Africa at large. The Last Letta takes his time when crafting


Biting Felony; We Bout To Call On The Rap P...

Mar 08, 2013Comments off1313 Views

Have you ever listened to a song and thought, “Hey, I have heard someone say that before?!” In hip-hop we have a term for such

Khuli Chana

Ten SA Hip-Hop Questions We Need Answers To

Jan 29, 2013Comments off2997 Views

They say curiosity killed the cat. For a hip-hop cat, this multiplies its life. Rappers are known for subliminal disses and intricacies in their raps,


Kwaito VS Hip-Hop – The Uncanny Simil...

Dec 05, 2012Comments off2256 Views

“For the first time in music history, Kwaito has a leg to stand on when they say “Hip-hop is biting our style”. Unfortunately this is


SA Hip-Hop – Lost In Translation

Nov 22, 2012Comments off1665 Views

“With hip-hop being about the intricacy of the message in the lyrics, how does an emcee get the message across to all who care to

Jack Parrow Sauce

Rappers Need An Image Switch-Up

Oct 26, 2012Comments off3328 Views

“Aesthetics play an enormous role in the overall success of an artist; fans react to what they see first. And it’s not just aspiring artists