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Twitter Fingers: 10 Tips for Rappers on Twi...

May 19, 2016No Comments1572 Views

Whether it was where Meek Mill collected his L for tweeting reckless or the social media site that has gotten Azealia Banks suspended, Twitter is

AKA feat

The Villain of The Rap Game

May 28, 2015Comments off1588 Views

  “First time in my life I got nothing to prove / First time in my life I got something to lose”   Kiernan “AKA”

castle lite

Crack The Castle Lite Code And Unlock The S...

Aug 08, 2014Comments off2513 Views

They can be discovered on websites all over the world, from Google, to YouTube even Vogue. And now a unique digital ‘Easter Egg’ has made

open letter

Rant: Open Letters – Stop Bitching An...

Feb 11, 2014Comments off1623 Views

Oh my soul! Can we not RSVP to your pity party? Can we not be drawn into the cry in a bucket marathon? Can we,


Fans Vs. Artists: The Battle Of Respect

Feb 02, 2014Comments off1548 Views

There’s nothing louder or eerily scary as when a fan sees their favourite artist or celebrity. There’s adrenalin rush and the thousands of “Oh my

mean girls

Rant: Women – Each Other’s Worst En...

Feb 01, 2014Comments off1810 Views

Females of my generation, you have lost the plot. They blessed us with this amazing tool called the internet, and we took it and fucked

team work

Social Media: A Place For Vultures Amidst A...

Jul 16, 2013Comments off1848 Views

What a funny world we live in. A world filled with strangers and so called online persona’s. A place where we are believed to have

Basketball Slim

Basketball: CHEKA Digital Twitter-view with...

Mar 28, 2013Comments off1718 Views

CHEKA Digital was fortunate enough to have Jerome Du Plooy aka “Slim” lend us a bit of his time and answer some questions live for


Love In An Age Of Social Media

Mar 04, 2013Comments off1806 Views

As a woman who believed in meeting a guy the ‘traditional’ way; for many that would be in a mall, while out shopping, or for


Lupe Fiasco Switches Up Album Release Plans

Jan 21, 2013Comments off661 Views

Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to reveal that he won’t be releasing Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2 as planned this