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Open Mic: How open are those on the mic?

Nov 04, 2016No Comments1632 Views

For the longest time, we’ve relied on tabloids and newspapers to keep us up to date on what’s happening with our rappers but we now


Rant: When Creative Theft Happens To You

Feb 06, 2014Comments off1514 Views

Creative theft is real.  Isn’t it annoying how people will just take your work and post it as their own without giving you credit for

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Rant: The Fear Of Networking Outside Of Our...

Feb 01, 2014Comments off1105 Views

I so often find young people asking what the purpose of using social media as a networking tool is? Well, I don’t know about you,

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Social Media: A Place For Vultures Amidst A...

Jul 16, 2013Comments off2023 Views

What a funny world we live in. A world filled with strangers and so called online persona’s. A place where we are believed to have


Love In An Age Of Social Media

Mar 04, 2013Comments off1956 Views

As a woman who believed in meeting a guy the ‘traditional’ way; for many that would be in a mall, while out shopping, or for