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Love And Hip-Hop: She Loves Me But Hates Th...

Jul 04, 2013Comments off2862 Views

Love can be the same and differ across the board at the same time but it also depends on the target. Your love for family

Tyler, The Creator

Old School vs. New School (PT. 1)

Oct 24, 2012Comments off1143 Views

“There is a marketing definition for people who cannot keep up with or resist change; they are called laggards. They are the last among the


Hip-Hop Duos: Double The Trouble

Oct 15, 2012Comments off2225 Views

“Whether its emphasis is to exemplify a break-out career or elevate an already-acclaimed artist’s career, the impact of joining forces in the hip-hop fraternity is


OPINION: Where Are The Genre Crossing Colla...

Sep 20, 2012Comments off1108 Views

SA rappers are not pushing the boundaries of collaborations enough. There are no daring, eye-raising hype when it comes to pairing musicians up for a


OPINION: We Want More Music Videos

Sep 17, 2012Comments off1206 Views

“To attain more recognition, the album/offering should be based on one single equals a video ratio.” Channel-hopping through the music channels one night I noticed


How Hip-Hop Changed

Aug 26, 2012Comments off1400 Views

“With rappers rapping over “Dance” beats, can we still call this hip-hop?” Over the years, Hip Hop did the inevitable and underwent a transformation. I’m