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Team Work Make The Dream Work

Apr 06, 201611 Comments11211 Views

  For the longest time, hip hop (especially SA hip hop) had to fight for a place in the music industry. From being called American


Nasty C: Price City Prince

Feb 18, 20161 Comment7665 Views

​ Teenage years are the wildest. A lot of self discovery, preparation for the seriousness of adulting. Future careers are still seen as hobbies. I

tracklist kanye

Tracklist: The Hype Generator or Deflator?

Feb 10, 2016No Comments5805 Views

​     For the longest time, I used to be excited by popping a CD in, hitting play and enjoying the music. I would


A List Listing Why Lists Have Little to do ...

Dec 03, 2015No Comments12537 Views

​ Tinkies. Eggs. Milk. Vegetables. Fish. Garlic bread. My grocery list changes every month. It depends on what’s needed at the time. The order is


The New Golden Era

Nov 10, 2015No Comments2481 Views

Heads that used to bump LL Cool J on their walkman before he licked his lips 56 times on Tyra Banks Show will always be


Not All That Glitters is Gold

Aug 20, 2015No Comments1534 Views

  The past couple of years have been a marvel to watch in SA hip hop. Accolades for our mic slayers are staggering, acknolwedgement from


Ghost Protocol: The Culmination of Cassper ...

Aug 19, 20152 Comments2574 Views

  I’m just gonna get it out of the way… We will never hear the best of Cassper Nyovest rapping, just radio hits and club


U – N – I – T – Why...

Aug 18, 2015No Comments1300 Views

I’ve gotten to the point that teams, crews, squads and whatever collective name is referred to these days, are fickle and very “I” prone. Hip


We Needed The King To Return

Aug 17, 2015No Comments1303 Views

It was a chilly night and I was listening to my favorite hip hop show at the time, Powernights with C-Live, his studio sounded like


I Write…

Dec 01, 2014Comments off1226 Views

Back in the day it was a privilege reserved for journalists and artists got excited about it because, it was on a newspaper and anyone