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Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop Festival REVIEW

September 6, 2012
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The anticipation for the headlining act was felt through the crowd like electricity going through a high-resistant wire with a light bulb attached at the end that would illuminate us and bring with it his great music.”

Being the first of its kind in South Africa, the inception of the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop Festival has seen it give birth to the testament that SA has scores of uncontainable talent. The festival was a showcase for six finalists that were selected as the best of the best; from a countrywide search that included thousands of entrants that spanned over numerous varsity campuses and hip hop spots across the country’s major cities.

The search ended with two finalists in each of the three categories (graffiti, emceeing, and b-boy dancing) who had to compete against each other to find one winner in each category that would travel to New York and be mentored by Talib Kweli himself.


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