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Say Hello To: Signal Guru

October 4, 2012
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As smart-phones get smarter, their applications are getting smarter too! We are living in a time where application-developers aren’t only out to make apps that make socialising better, but simplify our lives even more. Applications that help us complete our daily tasks; somewhat becoming our little own personal assistants. Well this application is no different.



  1. A very informative article. Sounds like an app to consider when buying a car.

  2. Smart application it will be, love the accuracy and how it will make things easy for car users! Technology is defiantly taking over. My only concern is the rate of accidents, if they will reduce or increase. Either way nice one, would love to know more when it has been released and when the developers are done with the application. I enjoyed reading this, keep us posted.

  3. I like the 20% reduction in fuel consumption part. Application development is definitely reaching new frontiers.