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South Africa: Newly Discovered Playground For International Artists

October 4, 2012
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“Even seemingly irrelevant artists seem to get more hype; or perhaps American artists automatically become main-stream by default.”

We all have our personal list of international artists we’d love to see perform live, and the 2010 World Cup made South Africa a much more attractive option on many international artists’ world-tour wish-lists. Since then, we’ve had an influx of concerts in South Africa post-2010, and I have gleefully started ticking off entries on my list.



  1. Interesting topic, pity locals don’t support local artists even if they work hard on promoting their tours.
    Good read!!!

    • Maybe if local artists produced quality music we wouldn’t be faced with such issues,i mean if Lira and the likes of Kabomo could do it whats stopping the others?penny for your thoughts…??