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Rant: Open Letters – Stop Bitching And Work

February 11, 2014
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open letter

Oh my soul! Can we not RSVP to your pity party? Can we not be drawn into the cry in a bucket marathon? Can we, the fans, not be pawned into public spats from our favorite artists with the media and whomever is not buying their albums?

I’m really getting tired of artists who decide to bash the media instead of doing what they do best; make music. I’m really considering dumping my beloved hip-hop for the no politics gospel. I shall Stan for Lundi and Joyous Celebration if this constant whining carries on. The industry is unfair, they only concentrate on profits – “Muh’media never loved us” – day in and day out. Can we hear raps? Can we hear beats? Are you an artist or a spokesperson?

The irony in this situation is when musicians on the come up or ‘haters’ as they’re often labeled were complaining about the ways of the industry being unfair on Twitter recently, the different fractions of the industry defended it. Now, just a week later, the artists themselves are complaining about how unfair the industry is. If you are a spokesperson, who are you speaking on behalf of? From the crowd I’m standing in, ticket in hand to support your craft, it seems like the artists are getting paid.

Tell the promoters to bump the cheese up; real fans will be in stores in the days following your album release to purchase a copy or buy it on iTunes the minute it’s released. It’s a two way street, you deliver and we will support you. When you doubt our support and box EVERYONE as a ‘hater’ (I loathe this tag), you are despairing us. It shows you don’t believe you’re worthy of our support. So hell yeah, I’ll use my R100 to buy a Christmas Edition CD by James Blunt which is really just him reciting Bonny M’s classics.

As an artist, your work attracts us. Don’t undo all that with stunts that deter us. Open letters are one of those detour signs. It exposes you as unprofessional in the craft you so claim to love which also pays your bills.

The debate of local music in radio and TV has been an ongoing debate. #PlayLocalOrDie just… died for a lack of a better phrase. Now artists, who are familiar with the industry’s terms and conditions, stoop to attention-seeking stunts and inciting revolts. If I were in a playlist committee, I honestly wouldn’t take you seriously if you don’t direct your concerns to me, especially if you don’t do so in a professional manner, written and dated.

open letter 2

Get the crowd riled up. Get the people angry with you. Get your Team whatever ReTweeting everything you say. Yep! That will give you the recognition you so much deserve. Is this what we have been deduced to? Is this the new ‘wave’ of acknowledgment of hard work? What happened to ‘kill them wit success’? What happened to letting your work do the talking?

I’m not against protesting but you can’t go tell the security guard that the hospital is not treating you well when the doctor said my door is open and you can come speak to me ANYTIME. Why go a route where it possibly might not reach the powers in charge? Or are you just winging it as you go along?

What baffles me is, as fans we don’t know the mechanics of the industry. You as an artist are an active member and a pivotal cog in the whole industry. You know your role and its importance, and you know which order to follow to be heard. BUT no. You decide to whine on social networks and blogs. What good are you to the industry if you don’t utilise the tools you have at your disposal?

I’d respect a rant AFTER you spoke to the necessary parties. Show proof that they don’t listen. E-mails, phone calls, minutes of meetings, graphs etc. Take the right steps and if results don’t avail themselves, THEN get your entourage involved.

Artists have become solely focused on having an army of Yes Men, disguised as sharing the same sentiment fans or supporters, and anyone who remotely disagrees is a ‘hater’, or the latest ‘tsibinkie’.

So fuck it then I’m a hater. I’m a hater for believing in your talent so much that I actually pay for entrance to your shows instead of blowing up the phones of people I know to get my name on the list. I’m a hater for spending my hard-earned cash on physical copies of your album or via iTunes. I’m a hater for listening to your gripes and I’m a hater for disagreeing with your methods of getting attention because not only do I believe you need to be recognised but I disagree with your cheap, futile and redundant attention-seeking stunts.

The mere fact that I find some sense in your method of madness, shows where my loyalties lie; shows the lengths of my support. Another open letter, and I’m moving to gospel. That’s my gospel!


Written By: Siphiwe Zwane (@SDotJR_) and Lerato Mannya (@MzLee_)


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