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Poetry: You… And Me

July 28, 2013
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I like ya
My mind’s polluted with thoughts of wife’ing ya
And when I wake up everyday your voice must be the first I hear
I want to lie on your chest to keep your heart near, hear it beat and tell you I’ll forever love you without any fear. Amuse the high school girl in ya and nibble on your ear

Spend weekends doing nothing with you and say no to beer.
And when you’re away, I want to feel my heart and know that you’re here
Thoughts of losing you has me fighting myself for ya…

I never thought I’d be here writing for ya…

I wanna get sensual and bite on ya
Your lips…
Your nips…
Your hips…
then whisper in your ear “I’m yours for keeps”
I wanna dance to a love song with your soul the deeper we go.
I don’t expect everything between us to be as smooth as this poems flow
But there’s something you have to know…


I’m never afraid to commit, I’ve just really been hurt and that’s Karma getting back at me for chasing all those skirts. Yeah, I used to be a flirt, spent many nights with strange girls. I never cared for their worth, I just passed by, and left them to hurt.
There were many girls, there was a lot of hurt and to get through all those stories, we’d need all the time in the world, Ill tell you all about them, one day…when I make you my girl.


Written By: Dylan Myburgh ( @Mybes10 )


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