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Poetry: Wanders of Your Mind

November 4, 2013
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There’s something so fascinating about the way your mind works,
You’ve mastered the art of getting me hooked on everything spoken & texted,
Like a woman who’s body craves for the touch of her man,
It’s like an untouched art form,
This mind of yours,
Yet your simplification of over analyzed situations keeps luring me in.
Your mind is the most breath-taking thing,
Like that moment after the anticipation of a man entering a woman after months
of lusting for her,
Your ability to entice my mind is something many fail to do,
And yet here you are,
Doing so in the mildest form known to man,
Dragging me deeper into the oracle of your mind,
Like the sexual pleasure leading to a climax,
You keep pulling me into this dark abyss,
That journey my mind travels, when we converse,
A mental connection that humans pray to find,
Your thought process renders me speechless with every conversation,
You are so intriguing –
your heart, your being,
your mind,

Written By: Lerato Manny (@MzLee_ )


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