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Poetry: Untitled

March 8, 2013
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Tears stream down my face each night

I cry till my chest hurts

an excruciating pain

I believe if I cry till it hurts

Then maybe, just maybe everything

Will be fine again

But each night is the same,

Silent flow of my tears

Falling down

With this pain,

Their words,

Their evil glares,

Their speculation,

Their abandonment,

It seems like every stab

Every word,

Torments me

Re-surfaces everything again

Old memory

Old pain

And then instead of a light load

I’m back at the starting line

With a huge arm load f pain

To cry over again

When will it end though?

Beats me…..

I miss my sunshine

My bright sunshine

That brings along with t my smile

Ooh how I miss it

That once cheerful



That’s all I can see

Like a cloudy fog

Which I can’t seem to escape from

Where’s my sunshine?

Where’s my smile?

Where’s my laughter?

Where’s my light at the end of this

Unending dark tunnel?

Written By: Mascom

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