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Poetry: The Calm Before The Storm

June 11, 2013
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Fresh battle scars anoint his face
on a mid-summer’s morning.
The sun’s rays kiss him with
warmth and love like a mother
would her troubled offspring,

Sunshine reflects brightly on his world
offering the promise of prosperous

But as he runs out to embrace the
bright and shiny day, dark clouds
rear his tracks and cover the ground
he made. A gentle breeze seduces him
intensely, but he remains conscious to
the underlying threat of yet another storm.
Shivers run down his spine as he reminisces
over his past hardships, hustles and
atrocious struggles.

He switches from his relaxed mood
to ultra defense mode.
Battle armour ready,guns loaded heavily,
he’s now ready to go and fight for what’s his.
Just as he’s about to depart, the sweet sound
of his 6 year old daughter’s voice awakes him
and she jovially shouts : “HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Written By: (@88th_Rogue)


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