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Poetry: Our Kind Of Love

March 19, 2013
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Something about this love that’s a bit funny,
Like how I don’t call you even though I want to
Or how I pretend I don’t miss you when I do
Or how you never show me fully how much you’re glad you’re mine,

Well, that’s not funny at all.

Still, there’s something that makes me smile when I think about it, our love that is, I think about
how annoying you are when you’re not really listening but pretending to just so it doesn’t start an

Makes me giggle thinking about how you act all sober when I told you to not go out,

That also makes me mad though but I can’t help but forget about that when u tickle my feet, all the
way up to my belly and back down again…

Ahh, there’s definitely something that makes me happy about our kind of love,
Like you telling my friends how much you miss me but not texting it,
Or looking at me the whole time while I get ready, that’s quite cute
Or just playing amateur wrestling with me for the sake of fun

Yeah, there’s something about this love of ours
That makes me happy even when I’m sad,
Like that time I had thee worst day and you laid in bed with me, silently.. My head on your chest,
you stroking my hair,

I could feel it, your love.. I know you felt mine too
Now that wasn’t the least bit humorous, in fact it was quite special.


Written By: Samantha Chutu (@MsSammy1)

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