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Poetry: My Fair Lady

November 4, 2013
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My Fair Lady
You know her far too well,
Beautiful, with a smirk for a smile,
And eyes that burn through your soul as a way to make your spirit swell.
All too familiar with her existence,
Because it is in everything you do to others that screams ‘Lust’ in her name;
With the hope that she’s on your team for that sinful moment,
Little do you know.
She bats for both teams and when both lose?
She wins regardless,
Pats herself on the back,
And struts her being away, temporarily with a nonchalance,
A backstabber, you say?
Not a chance.
She is just a woman,
Up to date,
With her Red Bottoms and Marc Jacobs garments.
A woman,
Who is always ten steps ahead, even when you plead.
Down at her feet when you need her most,
That Lust,
That need for her to be on your team,
Just for that sinful moment,
You need her most when you’re hurt,
Because there’s something about her touch that makes you feel whole.
But once you have her, someone else crawls to her feet
More desperate than you.
A willing opponent who is unfamiliar with the word: Loyalty.
Batting for the other team,
Everyone wants a piece of her,
She knows that far too well.
Her name?
Written By: (@_moXV)

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