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Poetry: It Hasn’t Been A Smooth Sail

May 29, 2013
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It hasn’t been a smooth sail,
The star to every wandering bark, covered by clouds.
The lighthouse, nowhere to be found.
It hasn’t been a smooth sail,
Darkness hails, thunder breaks.

I had my walls sky high,
I shut-down how I felt about you,
I was actually trying to find my way back,
Driven by fear, doubt and disbelief,
All that I held dear, I put on hold, no, I didn’t want to damage.

It hasn’t been a smooth sail,
Compass dismantled,
Oh how can I find my way back in this darkness,
The sea is rough on the ship,
Can barely control it’s direction.

Behind those walls, when fear roamed in the kingdom,
When doubt, disbelief and being a pussy took over,
The one thing that stood it’s ground,
The one thing that remained, was my love for you.
At these times I had a hard time expressing my compassion, affection, care…

Tore me limb from limb, vein to venules,
To see me so lost.
It hasn’t been a smooth sail,
I realize, this rough sea, the covered star, the lighthouse…
They were always there…


Written By: O Mojanaga (@OMojanaga)


  1. Mmmmmm good hey showin of ur ada talents

  2. Wow, lv it. Big up 2 u!

  3. Nice, I like…

  4. Wow! Didn’t know you can write. Great peace

  5. I like it, part of it reminds me of some song ‘it wasn’t easy but it was worth it’ great one boi. Keep up!

  6. Elegant,glad to c that the talent is not just lodged wit u unused.

  7. Thank you guys, thanks. I’m sure you have seen better, but than you. Lorl Thabang, hakebatle e tsewe, must use it… Will, will do.

    • i lv it punkieeeee

  8. Nice boy, well done

  9. Kwl..its good I like I like!!

  10. ‘The one things that remained, was my love for you’
    And ware this was your 1st poem? Love it Bitso, descriptive, ke mang a go hurtileng?

  11. Ke nana