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Poetry: I Sometimes

March 8, 2013
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I sometimes force myself into putting pen to paper.

I sometimes force myself force myself into drawing pictures that I feel only you can relate to, see
I’m bad with this drawing thing, well besides the stick-man, roses and hearts, hearts and roses that I
feel I’m the best when it comes to drawing them for you.

I sometimes try to force myself into drawing pictures of me and you sitting by the beach on our
lonesome, watching the sunset, picnic setup alongside us, me singing to you, yeah we both know I’m
bad at that as well, but when it comes to you, you know I wouldn’t think twice to make you smile.

See I’m making this picture out as I go, iv seen your smiles, since I never had a camera to capture
them, I’ve used my imagination to draw up a portrait of you, which I will showcase to the nation.

I sometimes force myself into thinking our relationship will never have problems, this is the reason
to why I always write our initials with a heart in-between every dusty car window I come across. I
smile as I walk away, I know the owner of that car might get mad, well that’s same reason I did it on
a strangers car, I’m mad about you, I’m mad about us.

See I’m clueless when it comes to love, but knowing that we could be two black kids from the hood
holding hands together while we walk down the street in broad daylight with no worries to what
society will say about us, to me that’s love.

I sometime feel being called “obsessed” by the boys cause I’m forever letting go to how I feel about
you, us, what we got going on, the future plans I got for us, how I wish I’d marry you as the 19year
old kid I am, never bothers me, this sometimes feels as though they encouraging my love for you.

See I’ve said and done things, things that have made you smile and cry, I want you to know I’ve
cherished the memories we have made thus far, sometimes it even felt as though I was dreaming,
hope it was given that none of us would walk out of what we got going on. To the roses and hearts I
do on every poem I write for you.

Written By: Loyiso.M

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