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Poetry: I Am Perfection

March 5, 2013
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I’ve heard many assumptions of my reluctance to take head position as a weakness beyond dimensions, JUST because my thoughts don’t result in manifestations of aggression

I am able because of my essence to balance emotions and actions, yet many do not realise that I am perfection

My beauty is abstract, delicate and intact with my physical form and figure and intelligence to match.

I posses knowledge and facts and humbleness… I do not lack with all I’ve achieved, with all my potential and aspirations, many do not realise that I am perfection

As a woman I will be labelled a mother and I’ll say it proudly

I’ll have the markings on my belly because in me lies the cycle of life, the WOMB is what I carry yet I am judged daily… Ridiculed by many because I stand firmly

I am not confined by social ruling, not confined by their conditioning… I am beyond any understanding

I am beyond any comprehending and i’ll say it proudly… No MAN CAN EVER BE ME… My confidence strikes intimidation and I face many rejections because many do not realise that I am perfection And if you do see this as an ego, my confidence soaring like an eagle flying high in the sky and unchanged by the tides…I will not apologise for I am perfection in Gods eyes. My pride roars like the thunder cloud and strikes lightning on the ground and SHOUTS in freedoms voice: I AM NOT BOUND. For I am the sound echoing in every heartbeat of every woman… reinforcing the rhythm drumming the praisesI Am Perfection. Woizero Mennen, Queen Modjaji, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Miriam Makeba, Queen of Sheba, Amelia Earthheart, Uksoonamoon. I am woman, I am perfection.

Written By: Anisa D’Afriq (@Loinker)

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