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Poetry: Doors Shut

July 4, 2013
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Door shuts,
Back hit the wall with a force,
Slides down till ass reaches the floor,
Castles in the air tumble down,
Tears race down the face as if wanting to see which one will hit the heart first,
And burn its way thru to the soul,
Shatters it,
Breaks the bonds that hold it together,
Leave it more broken than ever before…..

Memories flood,
Each moment relived more precious than it was when actually lived.
Promises of “I will never leave you” and “I’d rather die than live without you” haunt the spirit.
Tears turned to smiles,
Wails turned to child like giggles,
Anger into passionate love making,
Fear to strength,
Loathe to deep strong love,
All gone,
With a slam of the door,
And suddenly home feels like a dark,cold  soggy dungeon.

Door opens,
A glimmer of hope,
No warmth in your voice,
“I forgot to leave the keys”,
Keys hit table as if they are the last  nail on my coffin,
Door closes again,
Sunshine turns to darkness,
“We” turn to you and I.

Written By: (@Mak_Nemz)

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