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Open Mic: How open are those on the mic?

November 4, 2016


For the longest time, we’ve relied on tabloids and newspapers to keep us up to date on what’s happening with our rappers but we now live in a digital age, news are shared via the ‘Gram, Twitter and more recently, SnapChat.

Artists use means available to them, however lackluster, to connect to fans. Also, they have pleasure of pressing delete if they get into hot water for it. Artist are also privy to social media managers, the people who look at graphs and analyze SEOs & such while forgetting the most important factor, conversion to tangible sales.

I have spoken extensively on the use of social media by artists but one crucial issue I can’t wrap my skinny self around is, how much is too much.

Yes, we want to know from the horse’s mouth what’s happening in the career we so dotingly follow. With that said, the sense of entitlement increases with us seeing their handle on our TL. We given (sometimes feel like we entitled) to front row seats to their private lives. This is where being the artist means you put up necessary boundaries, as every other person really, on what you let people see. Its like saying this is my house, now let’s go to my office. When we reach the office, tell us visitors are limited to certain areas. Lord forbid you say Mi casa Su casa, some people will jump up the couches & leave dirty dishes in your kitchen.

With hip hop being about your words, social media becomes a double edged sword. Yield it like a samurai & people will fall in line, those who don’t, get the katana work. If you don’t, you’ll be cutting yourself.

I saw one of our most loved (or hated) artist come on Twitter & declare he is off his label. AKA is a loose cannon yet he has amassed a million followers, much to SM managers still scrambling on turning those numbers to sales, spoke on a delicate issue on a public platform. Was he within his right to speak his mind? Absolutely. Was he right in speaking out about such? Debatable.

I strongly believe if as an artist you wish to inform your fan base via Twitter, key thing is to detail YOUR stance without defaming another. Legal matters should NOT be open to public opinion.

Rappers need to learn that once a tweet is out, a delete doesn’t help. It only perpetuates the guilt. If you have to say it, note I’m not against venting, say it clearly & concise. The impact is greater, the questions are abundant, the theories are overflowing, your reputation is however intact.

Rappers should take social media as their bars. Do you rap genius your verse? No you don’t. Too much explaining taints your truth. You come across as vindictive, petty and worse, attention seeking.


With hip hop being about your words, social media becomes a double edged sword. Yield it like a samurai & people will fall in line, those who don’t, get the katana work. If you don’t, you’ll be cutting yourself.

Each person and artist alike comfort level differs. It is to be respected as much as reinforced by the artist. You teach people, by what you share and how you act, on how to treat you. The onus is on you to show how you wanna be treated, onus on you to put up boundaries for self & as much as it doesn’t negate your reaction to people who speak out their asses, you shouldn’t put a premise via your action that allows for the most minute thought of, “I’m not surprised because the artist is a horrible person”

It is with this reason that I feel artists should have what they famed for as thee most paramount image they supply to the public. All other dimensions and nuggets of you we will take in small doses because we know what is foremost is your forte. Do you know how embarrassing it is reading a, “Just stick to rapping coz thinking is not for you” directed at your favourite rapper?

Last sentence sounds contradictory BUT if you going to speak bollocks, you deserve being called out. It is not hard to be a decent human being. Speak your mind without being offensive.

There’s a rapid rate of artists being known for either than what they are, yes gossip blogs and tabloids focus on other things than your artistry, but then…why as an artist do you focus on ONLY that? A question I’ve asked many times to no answer.

You have an opportunity as an artist to speak your mind at any given point. You can address whatever topic but instead you focus on the people you say you don’t care about? Baffling.

Artists have their own lives they lead aside from being our joy suppliers with the bangers we repeat on our phones, but they should also realise that outside of their art, they are humans. Speak your mind, its your prerogative. As long as you realise that unfortunately for you, it comes back to your art.

How open you are to the public is boundaries you set. Be careful not to open gate only to complain people walked in the very same gates you opened for them.

Written by: S Dot (@SDotJR_ )

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