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Numbers: Nothing But Blind Logic

January 23, 2013
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We live in the digital age so stats are easily obtainable on the Internet. With numbers you can sway a crowd into believing that what you presenting to them is loved by millions. Or is it?



  1. The wave of influence is huge especially in the entertainment field. so you can boom with numbers but it really becomes a question of longevity. Iv raised this point countless times arguing that the Hip hop mix-tape phenomena could possibly be doing more damage than good for our beloved hip hop genre. When you are flooded with some seriously crappy “artists” who record in the kitchen, now you stuck looking for some real quality in the same pile as ” Soulja boy tell em”. I found myself asking two questions… Did the major record label ( universal, interscope etc) actually limit the amount of music to preserve the quality that we all hear? and do rappers realize when you work on a album a year we can hear its been rushed?? ( it a greedy thing?)… i’m looking at Adele and she released her bitter album what 2 years ago…now she gotta kid, lord knows when we will hear her work…but i do know this…its going to be the best quality we’v heard in awhile.

    look at J.T now….same story…Hip Hop aint gonna die any time soon i guess wish the homie’s knew that aswell…

    but dope points dude, quality over quantity for me!