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Nasty C and RocNation: Lessons to be Learnt

May 16, 2016



Off the bat, THIS IS MAJOR!!!


When the news broke via Nasty C’s Twitter account, which in paraphrasing was, a RocNation representative has contacted him about a meeting during the course of the month.

RocNation is hip hop mogul Jay Z’s imprint. It houses talents like Rihanna, J. Cole and also manages a number of famed people like DJ Khaled, Meek Mill & recently T.I. The company is like a convenience store of music with services ranging from publishing, touring, concert production and has a distribution deal with Universal. RocNation is NOT just a record label.

SA hip hop fans and swag surfers alike were alight with excitement for the 19 year old wonder MC. Ululations, even miniature crowning ceremonies were held on social media, the kid was hailed; people were damn near packing the boy’s bags.

Then Nasty C had an interview with a local newspaper where he explicitly said he doesn’t want a standard contract with RocNation.

Admittedly the kid got swept with excitement of the news and the first thing he thought of was, tell his fans via his Twitter page.

Subsequently, there’s now fake tweets floating from RocNation saying they are not holding any meeting with Nasty C nor do they know him. True Twitter fashion, the tweet gained a lot of RT’s and validity of the meeting was questioned.

It took a worse turn when another tweet went viral stating that Nasty C has signed with RocNation and it was confirmed on radio station 5FM.

This lead Nasty C to, um…tweet (I shook my head at this) that the meeting is still in the pipelines and he hasn’t signed anything.


RocNation is NOT just a record label.


Now here’s my issue, all of that was very premature and lack of a better phrase, highly unprofessional from Nasty C.

Basis is, where Nasty C broke the news has turned into validity quest where some are doubting his skill as a rapper, doubting the supposed meeting and worse, going to lengths of making him a liar.

South African artists and fans as well have a long standing love hate relationship with international brands. From when Keith Sweat was on our shores and recorded a song with the late Lebo Mathosa and then the official release substituted our beloved Drama Queen with Lil Mo. Who can forget the hoorah between Mzekezeke and Ja Rule? What about the ongoing feud of SA artists crying about how they are treated when an international artists graces our shores.

It hasn’t all been somber, Die ANTWOORD are shown love internationally especially with their Interscope deal. Tumi headlined the legendary Apollo Theatre.

Back to Nasty C, even if it points to it, we can’t use the excuse that he is still young and got overzealous with the news. Right now, he is a full fledged artist and should act accordingly. He has respect from the game and has an award to his name. At the sound of his name, the crowd loses their mind. The boy is on.

Here we are talking about a possibly life changing move for him and should be handled delicately and discreetly. Announcements are great when they are timed and ink is drying. Anything before that is room for questions you don’t have answers to, assumptions you can’t sate and worse, a horrible representation of yourself as a brand to be taken seriously.

We, alongside Nasty C, don’t have full details of what RocNation want from the meeting. As stated, RocNation is not just a record label. They offer a variety of services. For Nasty C prematurely announcing the meeting was irresponsible and immature, as great news as it is. Lord forbid, people are now expecting him to live tweet the meeting just so they know it’s real.

Hip hop is a commodity now more than ever. Look at billboards, look at your TV; there’s more brands aligning with hip hop. It’s time rappers acted proper and professional or we just gonna be rapping at street corners until gorvenment runs out of struggle heroes to rename them.


Written by SDOT (@SDotJR_)

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