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Most ‘Slept On’ SA Hip-Hop Albums

October 25, 2012
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“One rapper that had a buzz bigger than an Alcatel phone on a wooden surface was Maggz. Features galore, fans practically begged him for a release and out the gate came SFTLW; a mixtape which had some radio play.”

Artists invest long hours and thorough thoughts into their work. There is an intense process in each offering; some bigger than the former or forthcoming albums but there are a lot of hands that touch greatness. The rating scale in music differs from ear-to-ear and sometimes after a couple spins there is a hesitant consensus of ‘classic’ or a great body of work. Some offerings are appreciated over time whilst others have an instant reaction. That’s just the way it is.



  1. Added Optical III , Mawe2 and Maggz to my basket! An informative read!

    • Thank you

  2. Dawg u forgot 1 album, just 1, AQ n Thir13teen-Quotes On Notes. Probably the best Hip-Hop album in S.A!