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Maggz – Change (Artwork)

February 25, 2013
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Maggz Front Single Cover 13

By the looks of things Maggz is getting back to his roots. His brand new single slated for release soon is about change, as the title indicates; a coming of age in his life and music.

He told CHEKA Digital: “When I wrote the song my head space was about growth, my trials, my tribulations and my joys,” adding: “When I wrote it I was finding the light and the spark in me that was almost diminished by the dark side of this music industry, and through everything I’ve been through. Actually, I realised that things don’t change but people do. And only YOU can change because the world stays the same regardless.”

With some interesting thoughts there, hopefully Mr M-A-Double won’t make us wait too long to hear what this new single of his is all about.


  1. Can’t wait to hear the ‘Change’. I’m too proud of homeboy Maggz together with Winston World Music. You’ve accomplished what most musicians dream to achieve. Yes there is darkness, in all aspects of life, but I’m glad you saw the light; regardless. Keep on keeping brethren! Respect to WWM + PBP. Bless

  2. Ma-Double is one of those cats who’s gonna remain in the game for ever he is the legend in the making,big up brother man

  3. Hella nice song man.Its from the heart and it goes in deep. S/O to you