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Love And Hip-Hop

February 14, 2013
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 love and hip hop

“Love of my life, you are my friend. Love of my life, I can depend. Love of my life, without you, baby it feels like a simple true love.” – Erykah Badu crooned on the eternal ode to hip-hop alongside Common. In life we show our love differently, and you can argue that the showing of this thing called love had become materialistic or a money-making scheme, but there’s no denying that true love does exist.

I’m not about to be mushy and detail champagne and roses on a sunset this Valentine’s Day. I will rather take you on a journey where emcees let go of their quest to be number 1 by showcasing their skills in courting and appreciating the love received or love lost of a partner over the beloved mic. This is when emcees’ simlies and metaphors make the mentioned partner melt with butterflies in their stomachs.

The following songs will be appreciated by your current, and past, but it can also be icebreakers for future partners in the quest to taking a walk down the aisle. This list is a special one for me. I relate to the stories of love and heartbreak detailed in the songs.

My top ten SA hip-hop songs that detail love, crushes and heartbreaks are:

Special Mention: Proverb – Letter to my Ex

Possibly the first time we heard The Verb on record, he details love lost to a lady without being spiteful. He writes her a letter, which he says he never sent. The emotions are felt throughout the song. The love. The hurt. The pain. Beautiful song. Hint : The song is a hidden track in ProVerb’s debut The Book of Proverb.


Number 10: Mizchief featuring TK – Place For A Wife

This may be the oldest song on this list. A 1999 release, Mizchief states he is done with the ‘playa’ life and needs to settle down. TK (R.I.P) plays the wife and delivers a smooth chorus.

Number 9: HHP featuring ProVerb – Love of my Lewe // YBA 2 NW

The two icons share verses about love and dabble some Afrikaans into the mix while Maxhoba croons on the chorus. This is a show appreciation to your lady and tells her she is the love of your life.

Number 8: Hidden Force – Girl In The crowd // Takeover

Thokoza’s finest show respect, Premo (R.I.P) the only spiteful one, to their female fans. This is classic township courting mixed with respect, with the result that rappers can find love when they are on stage and not only view female fans as groupies.

Number 7: Mawe2 – Love Lost // A Fool’s Hope

A string infused melodic beat by Nyambz, Mawe2 takes us on a journey about losing the one you love to lack of appreciation of the love she gave you. Taking her love for granted until she finally leaves you. Damn.


Number 6: Selwyn featuring Amu & Proverb – Soweto Spanish // The Formula

Nothende serenading on the hook, Selwyn talks about the first meeting that led to him courting the lady and getting rejected. Amu speaks about how he stepped to his lady of choice and didn’t get rejected and then leaving her to carry on his business of performing. Proverb’s verse (Note For The Ladies: This verse will be my vows when I get married) is charming, as he details how she makes him feel.

Number 5: PRO featuring Nothende – Need Your Loving // DNA

The album did not live up to PRO’s acclaim standard but this gem of a song with Nothende stands out. PRO relinquishes that the love of his life has left him because he was too busy hustling. A beautiful rendition of how precious spending time with your partner is for your relationship.

Number 4: Amu – Since I Met You // The Life, The Rap and The Drama

A simple singalong with the Principal declaring how the love he has for his lady grew from when they were children. I quote, “My name is Amu I’m in love with hip-hop/ but for you the microphone can drop”.

Number 3: Khuli Chana featuring Towdee Mac – Sthandwa Sam // The Motswako Originator

Two thirds of Morafe hook up for this smooth joint. The title means ‘My Love’ and you can’t help but fall in love with the song and feel the need to share your earphones with your loved one and just allow yourself to be mesmerised by this song’s beauty.

Number 2: Reason – I Love You // Audio 3D

Over a Destiny’s Child “Dangerously In Love” sample, Reason names and goes vivid with lyrical descriptions of how much he loves his woman. From the little things to every fine detail about her, Reason shows he utterly adores his lady.

Number 1: Proverb – Marry Me (Pro-posal) // The Book Of Proverb

Many dream of the fairytale love story. The crush, then the relationship, and then the lifelong commitment in marriage. Proverb delivers his lyrics as vows at the altar and he pours his heart out about leaving the groupies and player life for the love of his life until the end of time.

That was my top ten songs about love in hip-hop, whats yours?

Written By: Siphiwe Zwane (@SDotJR_)

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