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Lil Wayne To Retire After ‘Tha Carter V’

November 25, 2012
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Lil Wayne has had a tough year with critics saying he’s reached the end of the rope in rap, and perhaps all that has caught up with him and he’s taken a hint. In a recent interview with MTV, Lil Wayne announced his plans to quit rap after his upcoming Tha Carter V album due to drop on February 19.



  1. No, I don’t we want him around that much anymore. His time was up at the end of Tha Carter 3. Its just been painful eardrums eversince :(

  2. Look,i don’t care who says what about Weezy,i’m also a rapper but Lil wayne’s biggest fan! I’ve been listening to him years back till now.Its hard for me to accept that he’s quiting.Lil Wayne is my inspiration,motivation,everything…! I even got a tattoo with his line on muy back “I fear Nobody But God Amighty ” something that will be there.what hurts me the most is that i keep mentioning him on twitter but couldn’t retweet or answering,but i understand he gor 9Mil followers there.Lil Wayne will always be the best rapper for me.It hurts the he’s quiting but i got respect 4 him.Wayne is now a father! Thank u.

  3. Uhm.. U got your facts wrong, he is not releasing the carter V the 19th feb. I Am Not A Human Being 2 is being released that day. I doubt he even started work on the carter V. He also still has the Devol album which he is buzy with, as well as 2 other projects with drake and birdman.

  4. I want to say “yes thank you lord oh f*** yes” but I’m not that much of a bitch. I’m human first before I’m a bitch/critic.
    Its kind of sad that he is retiring but at the same time I’m glad that I don’t have to forcibly listen to his “music” on tv or radio.
    With that being said, I which him the best with his future endeavours.