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Let The Ghostwriter Write

November 7, 2012
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“To think some of your favorite hip-hop songs were not written by the artists famed for the song throws a spanner into hip-hop artists being great masters of words and lyricism.”



  1. Ayt Ayt, I hear you on no names. BUT! what do you say to the idea that Nas has had ghostwriters? Would YOU feel the same about his greatness if you knew if even ONE track was not penned by him?

  2. I just was ignore the whole Nas/ghostwriter situation. If Illmatic was all Nas then I think he can getaway with a ghostwritten track.

  3. “how many classics have i given you” – Nas .. One song aint gonna change his legendary status and his own lyrical capabilities. There are some other greats who have spent alot of time ‘recycling rhymes and claimin to be the King Hov.. Which is worse?

  4. I”M NOT A HATER! BUT! i would just like to ask, are we saying that it’s fine if Nas had had a ghostwriter on a track or two?