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J. Cole Explains His Partnership With Interscope Records

February 6, 2014
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After making an announcement on January 27 saying that he will be joining Interscope Records in a partnership, J. Cole sat down with Forbes for an interview recently and explained how his new deal will work.

He said: “We provide the artist, the direction, the guidance, the music, the new ideas, and they provide muscle and years of experience of really giving artists the proper push,” adding “We hope to add to the list of legendary albums that were made over in that building.”

Touching on his more recent Dreamville project, Jermaine said “As an executive it gives me the opportunity to sign acts and break them, but as a producer it allows me to produce someone’s entire album and put it out,”. He did however go on to acknowledge the greats saying: “It’s definitely a path that’s been made possible by the Dr. Dres and the Jay Zs,” adding “These guys who had amazing artistic ability in terms of rapping and production and song writing, but also had a double-sided executive mind.”

Sounds like he finally has a plan to step out of the shadow of his mentor Jay Z. It’ll be quite interesting to see how this move pans out for him.

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