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Interview: Rez Proph

August 21, 2013
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 Rez Proph 3

“Too ambitious? F*ck it, we dreaming out of control!” – KZN-born rapper Rez Proph chops it up with CHEKA Digital about where he’s from, where he’s at and where he’s going.

CHEKA Digital: Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who is Rez Proph?
Rez Proph: Real name is Mncedi Kunene, I was born in Pietermaritzburg to a father who had ambitions of becoming a renowned poet, guitarist and screenplay writer and a mother who wanted to be the next Yvonne Chaka Chaka! Grew up Esikhawini/Richardsbay, started writing poetry and rhymes at the age of 16! (In a nutshell)

How did your mixtape “The Author’s Scribblings” do?
Is that a sales question? Cause you’d be kidding both of us if it was (chuckles). In terms of feedback on the project itself (the music, the content), I’d say those who gave it a listen all showed respect.

You reside in Cape Town now. How’s the Cape Town scene as compared to the KZN scene?
Honestly, I haven’t peeped much of the scene here, that’s all on me! I Think I just been too composed! Plus my move here was based on priority number one NOT being hip-hop!  I was actually planning on just taking a hiatus, but then I reconnected with my niggas Xee and Thulz who were my boys back when I was living here in 2007. We’ve all always had a passion for music since back then. Xee told me they had a setup, let’s make music, and that’s just what I been doing. Behind the ‘scene’.

Rez Proph 2

And having been in Cape Town for sometime and it being such a respected place hip-hop-wise, what can you say you’ve done there that can make someone from your hood proud? If there is that is.
I made FalaFasasi! But no really, I’ve pretty much kept to myself since I been here (hip hop wise) I haven’t been getting out there to peep the scene much! It’s just been pen, pad and studio! Looking to be more active when the new project drops hopefully!  Pa

What do you think of the new generation of hip hop artists in KZN? And SA at large.
There are a lot of dudes who are good and there are a lot of dudes who are trash!

Two mixtapes under your belt, working on your third and no one can talk about KZN hip hop without mentioning your name. Are you happy with your position in the game at this point?
Nope! Won’t be content till the whole world can’t talk about hip-hop without mentioning my name! Too ambitious? F*ck it, we dreaming out of control!

A lot of people say you sound like Proverb. Are you inspired by the legend? If not, which artists inspire you?
They do? First time I’m hearing of it, but then again I’ve also heard I sound like Golden Shovel, Kweli, Blu, J. Cole and others as well, and my initial response is always ‘’if you say so” but I never say it out loud obviously cause some usually mean it as a compliment. I never take it as such though. In all, honestly, I really don’t think I sound like anyone. I mean I can’t sound like 5 different rappers (I think) unless I’m game on features. But all in all Verb is definitely one of my favourite rappers but I don’t think I sound like him. My biggest influences are Yzmen temple of Liquid K-zn, Nas and Eminem and I don’t think I sound like any of them either.

What’s your relationship with Temwa of Liquid KZN like?
Temwa is one of my closest friends, he’s my big brother from another mother! I could say he discovered me in a way, been a believer since day one! That’s family right there. And he’s not of Liquid Kzn, he’s the man behind EMP music as a whole!

You say you are going through changes as an artist. Is that inspired by life itself or purely just the music?
Life! Without it I’d have nothing to write about when making the music.

Rez Proph 1

Please tell us about your upcoming project FalaFasasi.
FalaFasasi stands For ‘For As Long As Flesh And Soul Are Still Intact’. It’s a 12-track collaborative EP brought to you by myself and Thulz who produced 90% of it. It’s a breath of fresh air from any of my previous projects, more songs less BARS!! It’s more personal and emotional, it’s a different sound all together, sounds like nothing that’s out at the moment! I also had fun exploring as many different flows as possible on it, it’s quite noticeable! And of course substantial content/subject matter is something I’ve always believed in.  If you looking for Body Bag Rez on it, you won’t find him. I mean I’ve MORE than proven I can rap, now I just want to tell my story before I die, make good music that moves me and hopefully moves the listeners too.

Anything you wanna share that I didn’t ask you about?
A message to the kids : Stay in school! (chuckles) Peace Eternal Love And God bless!


Compiled And Written By: @SabzaPassword

Catch up with Rez Proph via Twitter: @Rez_Proph

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