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Interview: Reason talks Audio 3D

August 11, 2012
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Reason is about to shake the local Hip-Hop scene up with the release of his Motif Records debut album, and in this Exclusive Interview we got the chance to pick his brain about his new album, signing with Motif and working with Tumi.

ASH: Audio3D is quite an interesting title for the album. Why did you decide on that title, and what is the meaning or significance behind it.
REASON: When i started working on this album i had an urge to make hip hop music with a futuristic spin to it. I had an idea to bend the rules a bit and create music that wasn’t expected to be made.  Music that brought you closer just from how creative and well crafted it sounds. Hence the term Audio3D.

You signed with Motif Records last year, how has this move helped you as an artist?
Its improved my perspective of what “being in the music of making music” is about. I’ve since become a professional in every sphere, from the studio to the stage and even rehearsal. They’ve made me acknowledge what it truly means and takes to be a musician at its highest potential. I’m getting busier, learning more and getting exposed to a wider part of the game. I’m growing.

I saw you tweeting that Tumi Molekani is the Executive Producer for Audio3D. How did you find the process of creating Audio3D with one of the biggest names on South African Hip-Hop? Did you feel any added pressure?
The best. I’ve never made music in this manner and i wonder why.  The process was liberating yet well observed. Every song was well produced and the project as a whole was packaged with scrutiny. The only pressure i had was the fear of not achieving what i wanted to but getting 37mph on board made it pleasurable pressure, coz all i had to do was be dope. I enjoyed myself with this project.

Which artists have you worked with on Audio3D, and how do you decide who to feature on your album?
I feature Tumi himself on a song with Battlekat. I also featured Loudo from rock group aKIng on beautiful song co-written by Zubz. KG from Morafe, Dineo Moeketsi, Lebo Mochudi from voodoo child and my old time friend Nombongo are also on the project. There’s also some production done by I.V league, Tiago from 340ml and Motif Records in-house engineer Instro, who also mixed the project.

You’re obviously more experienced now compared to when you released your debut album, what have you done differently this time round, and what lessons did you learn from your debut album?
I had resources & budget. A lot was done differently, but i think the most important thing i’m thankful i did this time, was have resources and a budget. We didn’t achieve even  a quarter of what we wanted to with last record because of resources & budget. Now i’m working with ease coz everything is covered and i’m also able to make money back because there was money invested.

South African Hip-Hop artists found it difficult to get their albums distributed by major retailers last year. How does Motif plan on distributing Audio3D?
Motif plans to have flagship stores all over the country, so as to eliminate confusion. Most of which are big stores, but we also want the small ones that have regular lovers of music. our biggest push will most probably be our live shows as we’ll have an opportunity to showcase the work and get people interested. Internet will also be available, but i must admit, we have bigger ideas which will be better experienced then explained.

Do you feel that selling albums online through platforms like iTunes or the Nokia OVI store is a viable option for South African artists?
Any means to get music out is necessary. Whether its viable or not is something that time will heal but for now, as South Africans, we need such for our over seas markets. And if we feel web is not viable for SA, then we need to create markets in areas where it is viable and find other supporting ways to be viable here at home. We are talking to the world, so lets use everything it gives us.

You released the Audio3D EP last December, will all of those tracks be on the Audio3D album?
Only one song will be on the album… but we’ll be revealing the track list soon, so you’ll see which one it is.

Thank you for your time Reason,  just one last question before we let you go. What can fans expect from and Audio3D?
World Class music. That’s all!

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