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Interview: DJ Ready D Talks Extra Cold Live And Wrecking The Decks

May 22, 2013
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CHEKA Digital got a chance to chat to one of the acts on the Cape Town Capitals of Cold line-up this Saturday. A name synonymous with ‘legend’ to the people of the Mother City, DJ Ready D shared some insight into his world.

CHEKA Digital: Firstly, congratulations on being voted as part of the Capitals of Cold line-up. What was your reaction to the fans choosing you as one of the favourites for Cape Town?

Ready D: I am humbled by the people’s choice and very excited to do some serious deck wrecking this Saturday.

Your performances are a feast for the eyes and ears. What amount of preparation goes into a Ready D set for an event?

I am always contemplating on new ways to push the envelope and to keep the methods within Turntablist parameters. I feel out the crowd, then see where we can go with the set.

You will be a part of the Cape Town leg of Capitals of Cold, also known as your birthplace. What are you anticipating from the event and what can the fans anticipate from your performance?

I love performing in The Great Cape. I like it when the fans party hard. That make me go harder with the beats and the cuts.


SA hip-hop has grown from the days of Prophets Of The City bursting onto our screens with handbrake turns and raw videos portraying the Cape Flats. What’s your view of the stat quo of SA hip-hop?

I am very optimistic about SA Hip-Hop. Over the last three years I have dedicated my first Wednesday night mix on my radio show to SA Hip-Hop. I witnessed more SA Hip-Hop hit the number one spot on the Hip-Hop Top 30 chart than Internationals, and each province has something special to offer because of  our cultural and language diversity.

You are regarded as a legend in SA music. Your cuts on records are legendary and today deejays have been known to move towards the software usage in when it comes to spinning hits. What are your views concerning the direction being a DJ is taking?

I feel it is important for an artist to evolve and embrace the new technology that is at our disposal. The challenge is to find the correct balance. New technology allows us to make our sets more colourful and interesting. Professionals will tell you that the software will not make you a better DJ if you do not have the correct understanding of the craft.

Another move by specifically hip-hop deejays is them featuring artists on songs – think DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, and South African blood such as Dimplez, Vigilante and others. Your thoughts?

Deejays are always finding interesting ways to remain relevant. In some cases, deejays evolve from the decks to the production arena and vice versa; it depends on the individual to decide his or her role in the movement. I hope both platforms will get equal attention and exposure.


Afrika Bambataa. Grandmaster Flash. Dj Babu. Ready D. How does it feel that your name is mentioned in the same breath as all the big names aforementioned?

I feel humbled and overwhelmed by the fact that people see me among the greats. All of the above inspire me on a day to day basis and I am blessed to be sharing stages with so many new talents that give me motivation too.

Lastly, we wish you a spectacular evening at Capitals of Cold. Can we expect Ready D to be in our nearest radio, TV or streamed on the internet soon?

Thank you for opportunity to do this interview.

I have a radio show on Good Hope FM – Monday to Thursday from 8pm – 11pm and people can catch me on all the mainstream social media platforms including my website . I am also involved with The Pioneer DJ Academy in Cape Town. This initiative was set up for aspiring deejays to have a place to learn the art.
Compiled And Written By: @SDotJR_

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