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Interview: Driemanskap Lets You In On A Surprise, With Extra Live

May 24, 2013
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From the Cape Flats township of Gugulethu to stages across the country, Driemanskap have become a force of nature. The 4-man crew, made up of members El Nino, Ma-B, Redondo and Dla gave CHEKA Digital 5-minutes of their time as they prepare to shut down Cape Town on Saturday, May 25 at the Castle Lite Extra Cold Live gig.

CHEKA Digital: With your upcoming album release this year, what type of sound can fans look forward to?

Driemanskap: More street bangers. More inspirational music. More music that documents the struggle of our people. More spiritually uplifting music. More music that shows how proud we are of who we are and where we come from. In short, you can expect more Driemanskap!

From park jams and cypher battles to developing and growing a cult with your Xhosa rhymes, what is it about your journey that has stood out the most?

The love and belief that our supporters have in us. And the patience! We know people are hungry for our new album and we won’t disappoint!

Vernac rap is known to connect more of the same culture i.e Driemanskap – Xhosa, how do you plan to make an impact on SA as whole and all the other indigenous languages listeners?

Music is a language on its own so we’ll continue to embrace the art and bridge the gap as well as all the barriers that exists within the Youth of South Africa. Our message is universal – even if you don’t understand all the words, you will feel the emotion and the energy in the music.

You’re hip-hop artists because you must love it. Which lessons have you learned through hip-hop over the years?

We’d rather say that the lesson we’ve learn through music as a whole is that Good food takes time to prepare. You can’t rush it.

Saturday is when it all goes down. Can we expect any surprises from your Extra Live performance?

We like to make sure that every performance has its own surprises. You can be sure that we’ve prepared a blazing hot set for the Extra Cold performance. You might even catch us jumping on a couple of tracks with a certain Cape Town hip hop legend. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you come through!

Shout out to CHEKA Digital. Keep up the good work. Peace!


Compiled By: Myrna Burgess (@MsTaboo)

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