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I Write…

December 1, 2014
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Back in the day it was a privilege reserved for journalists and artists got excited about it because, it was on a newspaper and anyone with as little as R2 could find out about the ins and outs of their career.

In came tabloids and all of artists’ private lives was for all to see that it got to the point of paparazzi wanting the first picture of a newborn.

Fast forward to the age of tabloids on tablets and paparazzi via phones, news travel at LTE speed and so are the rumours and all put in writers, columnists tag.

This what seperates me from the rest, I write. I don’t succumb to juicy stories or even secrets that are to be taken to grave being put on display. I write.

My opinion, my views, my observations, I write. Hip hop got my heart, thus it only makes sense that I speak on what I see happening in and around the game.

I wouldn’t give a fuck about who pops bottles or who is wearing Jordan’s knit by Michael Jordan himself, all I care about is hip hop.

With hip hop being a competitive league of extraordinary beings, opinions clashing are inevitable. I don’t put out mine as alpha and omega but you can bet your last Mandela Money (not the album) that everything I say is backed up.

My issue is when some of the people who are active participants of the industry decide to be melodramatic about opinions of what they put out. Hard ass rappers who command respect behind the mic and proclaim themselves as kings and queens of anything that emits sound waves become meek lil kittens when the supposed subordinates speak out about their ruling.

I am not scared of anyone in hip hop and that’s not in a threatening fashion but rather a,  I respect that you got this far with either hard work, nepotism or whatever you did to get to the forefront of my radar. All I’m asking is have balls to stand by your words / rhymes, I definitely have boulders for my word.

Everything I speak on is what I spent my energy, time and money. You don’t want to hear feedback from a listener? You don’t put anything out. Simple. This tag of “All media is bad for an artist” is hypocritical and downright cowardice.

I’ve argued with many on my Twitter page when they say all media is interested in is controversy. If you choose to focus on the ones that are adamant in only writing on your bad moments, its your fault. You an artist, reflect what you want.

I am a writer but a fan foremost. I write my honest mind and if it bugs you, there’s some introspection you need to do. No artist can say I slander or twist their truth. Obviously not everyone will be my favorite, same breath everyone is given a fair chance.

The respect some artists give to certain individuals is noble but in the same breath, do we have the all seeing eye in SA hip hop from a handful of people? Are we sheep following what a pair of ears heard and we take it as the gospel? Anyone that disagrees, with proof, with the stat quo of music views is not to be paid attention to?

Frankly, bloggers discover music and artists faster than anyone else. We search, we scrutinize, we use whatever resources we have to find the freshest talent because we are building content for the publication or blogs we write for. If anything, we are more dedicated than music compilers who get advised. Our passion and dedication advices us.

The fear of being blackballed has a lot by the balls that they blackball opportunities. If the ones who in power decide for themselves on whats hot, what makes you as human as they are, as a devoted fan as you are, as hearing and capable of formulating an opinion by yourself suddenly a zombie because a DJ, exec, artist says it?

We have gotten to the point of opinion is not taken on merit but seek slander in it AND it depends who says it. If a renowned person says a song is trash, a large following will be throwing CDs in refuse bags, without questioning the validity or their own view.

When I write, Siphiwe Junior Zwane is speaking on what he felt and heard, my opinion. You have a gripe with a certain media personnel that dragged your name through the mud, don’t bring that around me.

Call me bias and prove it. Call me ill informed and school me. But don’t dare box me with tabloids when all I’ve ever done is search and scrounge for your music, buy it, play it attentively and give my honest view of it. I’m not expecting a round of applause but the same respect I afforded you would be greatly appreciated.


Written by: Siphiwe Junior Zwane ( @SDotJR_ )

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