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Hip Hop Love Letter To My Exes

February 14, 2014
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Valentine’s day, bleh! This much red can get a bit nauseating especially if you not sharing the day with someone special. The novelty may also be wearing off from the essence of the day or with technology on the rise, the tweets and blogs will be on steroids. So, personally, my special somebody is hip hop. Through all my life I have a song that documents moments and events with a hip hop song. Even in my love life, there’s a hip hop song fitting for every event.

So to my exes and current; hopefully future too, this was supposed to be a diary entry but here are a few hip hop songs that correlate with you all…

Method Man & D’Angelo – Make Ups To Break Ups

Firstly, this was the first hip hop album I bought with my own money so I cherished it until it got stolen. Now back to my story. My very first girlfriend dumped me because I didn’t work and dated a guy with a car instead. Prior to our unfortunate ending, we went back and forth a lot. I might have cried when I got dumped to this song in the background. MIGHT. That’s all I have to say about that.



Bongani Fassie – Girls Ft. Maggz

High school, I was the youngest in class. This song sums up that era for me. Tasted every type of lady at the time. Recently heartbroken, this was my soundtrack to a road of preference.



Mos Def & Talib Kweli – Brown Skin Lady

As stated, I finally found my preference and this song summarises it for me. A close contender in the vivid description of my favourite type of lady is Mos Def and Faith Evans’ “Brown Sugar”, but this Blackstar joint is more to the finer detail. Yellow bones, I love you too.


Ja –Rule feat Charlie Baltimore – Down Ass Chick

“Every thug needs a lady”. Yes, you can be alpha male for a long time but at some point you’ll need a partner. I spent a lot of time single just searching for a down ass brown skin lady.


G-Unit – Smile

Believe it or not, I once dated a lady who was a big fan of 50 Cent. She loved Fiddy to the ends of the earth and everything he associated with became a love to her. For the sake of the relationship I sided with Curtis on the beef with Murder Inc and yes I scored brownie points with that. This song will always remind me of her.


Fabolous – Trade It All Ft. Jagged Edge

Yeah, my 50 Cent-loving girlfriend had me consider moving to Durban for her. I was willing to trade it all for her hence Loso and JE explain it well.

PRO feat Nothende – Need Your Loving

I am a hard worker in everything that I do. Sometimes, I don’t even sleep (ask my Editor) for the better future I foresee. That said, quality time with your significant other goes out of the window more often than you’d like to admit. I have noticed this in my past relationships. Regret of time not spent, and this song, makes me appreciate what I have and strike a balance of time with what I love and who I love.

Reason – I Love You

The launch of this album, Audio 3D, coincides with the day my most recent ex and I decided to embark on a relationship. June 15 2012. The launch served as our first date as well.


Lupe Fiasco – Go Baby

An unorthodox love song with an upbeat tempo. It’s the last song on my all time favorite hip-hop album, Lupe Fiasco presents: The Cool. The words in this song make me see how I am in a relationship; my girlfriend’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. Cheering her dreams and ambitions on.


Solo – The Frolic Ft. Kabomo and Dineo Moeketsi

This song is EXACTLY my stat quo. It’s OUR song – me and her. No more questions.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Throw some hip-hop in it, pause your Barry White and Luther Vandross a lil bit and hear the maverick words of wordsmiths in hip hop. Just like me, you’ll simply be making memories.

Written By: Siphiwe Zwane (@SDotJR_)


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